So [the competent DEMO] is (finally) available for Linux!


 You may have suspected something by reading the title, but, surprise… 
[the competent DEMO] 
is now available for Linux players! 

  •  Okay, so why didn’t it happen earlier? 

 Because of the way I handle some key resources and features of the game (including videos and translations), a Linux port always resulted in a sad broken mess of unexpected bugs, compatibility issues and tears.  

 All those issues required to be identified and fixed one by one, so, with the demo out, I finally had the time (and patience) to make it work. Or at least that's what I think.

This was the last milestone for [the competent DEMO] so, excluding probable (*guaranteed) bug fixes… I now consider it to be stable and its development finished. 

So… who knows, maybe expect news soon.

Thanks for playing!

PS: Please tell me if it explodes.


Port Valley [the competent DEMO-Linux].zip 71 MB
Mar 22, 2019

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