Hey! Port Valley [the 2020 DEMO] is now available!


It’s been a while. So better have some news, HUH…?


Development is going great, but is also getting more and more ambitious every single day. I can’t share things like a release date yet (because I honestly have NO clue yet!)… but I thought I should do something to let you guys know how things are looking.

I decided to take some of the new content from the game (and many hours of sleep-time!) to make a new gameplay DEMO showing some new levels, puzzles, the new User Interface (completely reworked from scratch!), animations… and, well, the overall look of the game at the current state of development!

After some polishing, a Spanish translation and proper bug-fixing… here it is!

So, what on Earth is this?

  • It's a brand-new demo with all-new content focused in gameplay, animations, mechanics and the new UI.
  • Should be… around 1 hour - 1 hour 30 minutes long? Dunno, that's up to you I guess.
  • Not a replacement of the original demo. The old one is still available on the main menu. (I'd recommend playing this one though, it kinda looks better.)

Please, tell your friends!



Port Valley [the 2020 DEMO]-Win.zip 140 MB
Jun 29, 2020
Port Valley [the 2020 DEMO]-Linux.zip 183 MB
Jun 29, 2020
Port Valley [the 2020 DEMO]-Mac.zip 150 MB
Jun 29, 2020

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Hey, so I finally finished the new demo and liked it very much! 

Two things: I found a typo (boss says "cached" instead of "caught" in the office) and maybe you should make the hotspot for the stairs bigger? I tried several times to go up the stairs, but it didn't work because I didn't hit the right spot (the hot spot is on the bottom of the screen right in the middle of the stairs but I instinctively clicked on the steps on the top half of the screen ).

Keep up the good work!


Hey, thanks for playing!

Jesus, you're completely right… that really is a shameful typo that should have never happened. And other players have told me about that weird stairs hotspot, so… yeah, this is going to be the perfect excuse to change it at last!

I'll try to push an update tomorrow fixing both things. Thanks again!