So [the component DEMO] is here!


Over the last few months I took some decisions that basically changed the core of the game. For good. I think. (…and hope.)

But that also meant the original Demo was no longer a good representation of the game, and that's why, well… That's why I made it again.

Forget about the old Demo. That NEVER happened. And say hi to [the competent DEMO]


A demo with MORE contentNEW plot elementsIMPROVED visuals, and a much (trust me), MUCH better performance.


- Plot and Gameplay -

  • 3 MAIN CHARACTERS instead of 1. That's 3 points of view of Port Valley's Election Day!*
  • New puzzles. Same old frustration!
  • New characters and an extended plot.
  • The inventory is now always visible. (YOU WIN OK?)

* This will only affect the full game. The Demo ONLY covers part of the Delivery Guy Plot. (It's still a demo, don't be greedy.)

2 Mains And A Glorious Scooter

(Two of the three playable characters.)

- Graphics and Sound -

  • ALL backgrounds and character designs have been improved or directly re-drawn.
  • MANY new animations and visual effects. (Who laughs now, Pi*ar.)
  • New menu interfaces (They don't suck anymore!)
  • New tracks and sound effects.



(More screenshots later.)

- Performance and Optimization - 

And this is the big one.

  • No more random FPS drops. The game is now graphically undemanding and could run on a potato.
  • Loading times reduced from 5-7 seconds to… basically non existent!
  • Videos no longer cause problems with low-spec systems.
  • Demo size reduced from 345mb to 70mb. That's a 20% of the original size.  THAT MEANS I DID MY PART.

- Contact and Useful Links -

- Screenshot Time -

And I guess that's all.

Nah, here's another gif:


Port Valley [the competent DEMO-Mac].zip 49 MB
Mar 08, 2019
Port Valley [the competent DEMO-Win].zip 45 MB
Mar 08, 2019

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