[DEMO v1.0.7] Time for some bugfixes, typo corrections and much-needed optimizations

Hey there! The DEMO is now updated to v1.0.7!

Nothing mind-blowing, though… some bugfixes, typo corrections and much-needed optimizations.

I probably touched WAY more stuff than I should've, so PLEASE, let me know if I broke something… because that's what usually happens.


OK, let's see a list of the stuff that has been changed:

  • Some blatant and SHAMEFUL typos have been fixed. English is not my first language, so please, always let me know if something sounds especially weird! I won't get mad, only grateful.
  • It's no longer possible to skip trigger events by walking and reading inventory descriptions at the same time. (This one was actually not my fault!)
  • Fixed the bug that sometimes made certain characters' name labels become absolute gibberish after loading a save file. (This one was actually completely my fault!)
  • Fixed a bug that could lock the game if the player loses the battle 2 times in a row.
  • Some UI optimization measures have been taken to make the demo run and load faster!
  • The street lights glow doesn't look oddly pixelated anymore! Yay!
  • OK, I heard the complaints. Both stairs hotspots are WAY bigger now and easier to track with the cursor!
  • All text shaders have been remade to make texts easier to read and look closer to a pixel-perfect style. This may result in unforeseen consequences as I couldn't test every text by myself!
  • The DEMO is now officially named '[the 2020 DEMO](instead of '[the 2020 gameplay DEMO]').


And as always… thanks for playing and letting me know when I mess things up!

I've been working on new locations these last few weeks, so I'll share them soon with a new devlog.


Port Valley [the 2022 DEMO] - Windows 140 MB
Aug 11, 2020
Port Valley [the 2022 DEMO] - macOS 150 MB
Aug 11, 2020
Port Valley [the 2022 DEMO] - Linux 183 MB
Aug 11, 2020

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