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this game is soo cooool i loved it soo much 

release date ?


this is 2021, why dont release? :(((((((


Oh, boy, sure it is… Sorry! :(

Been working real hard on many, many ambitious stuff for the game and I hope I can have (good?) news soon!

All I can only say is that I guarantee* the wait will pay off! :)

(*Not guaranteed.)



Extremely glad I checked this game out. Funny in a sarcastic and witty way, which is refreshing compared to all the games out there with the serious plot-lines. It had its challenging moments, too! There were a few times I had to double-back to certain areas to figure out what I missed.

Can't wait for the full game!

im stuck but still this is really good and lot of twisting i think


Point and click games have always been a firm favourite of mine, and I've always found that the ones I've enjoyed the most have been the self-aware, comedy-laden ones. So you can imagine how I feel about this game, which is incredibly self-aware and packed full of humour with every character oozing sarcasm and wit.

Of course, games like this also need to make sure they challenge the brain, but never fear, because Port Valley ticks the box on this aspect too! The puzzles are very well thought-out, and provide a good enough challenge without being too daunting (although the demo apparently has simpler puzzles than the final game will have, so perhaps my poor brain has just had things too easy!).

In short, the characters are awesome, the story is awesome, the puzzles are awesome and the whole feel of the game is awesome. Definitely give this one a look if you're a fan of the Monkey Island (oops, sorry, Mo***y Island) and Broken Sword series!

WrongPixel, you keep up the awesome work, this was great fun =)


Honestly love this demo, how it was written, the gameplay mechanics, the art, honestly everything lol.

If this is already what the demo can offer, I simply CANNOT wait for the full release, you can hit me up when the full release comes, I will support you!

anw, here's my part 1 take on the game


Thanks for the video and for the nice words!

Glad to see you had a good time with the demo!

i just download the competent demo :)

may i reshare the trailer? it looks epic even tho i havent play it XD

Sure thing!

But DO play it. *

(*Not mandatory.)

ahh... you typo "mandatory" too much... its a "must" you want to type right? :D

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Really fun game! I'm loving the humor in the game, not sure what the story is so far but I'm sure it'll be good based on the first section. Took maybe too long to solve the first puzzle, and could use some tweaking, but not bad. Made a video, I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for playing and for the video!

As I saw other players also had problems with the first puzzle, I ended up adding a hint system to make things a little bit easier (but not too much). Hope it plays better now!


This demo is super promising, a very meta, funny, point and click game reminiscent of Thimbleweed Park and similar games of old like Sam and Max or Discworld.
I'm curious to see what the full game has in store for us :P

Here's a little video of me trying out the demo

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you had a good time!

(PS: You're SO almost there…!)

Yea, I could tell I was 'this' close to getting to the end but I overlooked something that left me stumped hahaha

My god what a fantastic and refreshing game! Played it old school and loved it! I cant wait to play the full version on Steam. Congratulations on your success!


Thanks for playing and for the nice words! I'm glad you had a good time!

(Tell your friends!)


i loved it! total maniac mansion vibes! 

excited for the full game!


Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it!

(*Please, excuse the lack of tentacle-related content in the demo.)

You’re excused lol but I expect to see at least one soda drinking tentacle reference in the full game! 


Really cool game! I like your humor guys! Even thought this game made me think a lot about thimbleweed park I still had a lot's of fun while playing it! 

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Thanks! Will check it out!

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Loved the game! I didn't quite do a full lets play in this video but I very much enjoyed the humor and just the general flow of the game. After playing it I read that the look and feel of the game has changed a lot as you rebuilt the demo. I'm really excited to see the full version of the game and i'm actually wanting to replay the game in a future stream. I grew up in the 90's and i felt very much in my atmosphere in this game. I grew up playing kings quest and quest for glory I just love the point and click genre and you put a nice spin on it.

Thanks for playing! Glad to see (literally) that you had a good time!

And yeah! When the original demo was ready I felt that a couple of things could be easily improved, and little by little… well… I ended up with something completely different.  But these things happen.  I guess.

This is so great! Keep the amazing work Alvaro!! Excelente!!

Thanks for playing Pato!

(PD- Mucho ánimo con Sol!)

Very nice game. However, the beginning is a bit long, and had me rapidly clicking to skip the text. Other than that, great game.

Yep you may be right  (already taking measures)

Thanks for playing!  I really value this kind of feedback

Your game is so f* amazing. I feel like I went back to my teenage years when I discovered Mo**ey Is**d, you know that game by Lu*** *rt, which now belongs to Di**ey :)

Same feelings here too. Nice game and good humour!

Thanks, glad you liked it!

(Don't know what game you're talking about though, you accidentally wrote a lot of asterisks.)

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I don't really know what to reply without lying or spoiling anything

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