So there’s a Hint System™ now [v1.5.3]


This is something I wasn’t really planning on adding originally… but here it is!

After seeing some (many) people struggling to get through the very first puzzle of the demo I thought it may be a good idea to help them out instead of just letting them drop the demo in frustration while cursing me out (this seems to be a bad thing in game development).

  • And how does the system work?


Nice question! (I know you didn’t ask.)

I don’t especially like boring hint systems that outright tell what the solution is, so I decided to give it a little tweak.

If you choose to enable the HINTS in the OPTIONS menu, you’ll find a very special item in your inventory: An overpowered fortune cookie.

Every time you use the cookie, a clue in the form of a vague cryptic prediction will appear inside. So yeah… you’ll have to use you brain in order to advance anyway!

If you have many fronts open, it’s possible that the same hint will be repeated once or twice. If that happens, just keep insisting until you see a different one. (I’ll do my best to prevent this from happening with a future update.)


But please, try to play without hints unless you get too stuck, okay…? That’s kind of the fun.

Also thanks for playing!


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Apr 02, 2019
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Apr 02, 2019
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Apr 02, 2019

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